The question has been simple, how do we maximize the facility God has given us so that we can better minister and serve those who walk through our doors as well as the community around us? Through much prayer, conversation, and consideration what was birthed from this question was the “reno vision” you see on this page. This concept has been broken into 2 phases: Phase 1 is a smaller scale renovation that makes simple changes within the already existing building, while Phase 2 includes some major additions to the building. Please keep in mind that these are conceptual and vision casting drawings only. There is much still subject to change (wall colour, wall placement, flooring, roofing, etc) and much that is to be discovered (costs, whether or not we can develop the land between the two buildings, etc). We also want to hear from you concerning this project (particularly on Phase 2 as it is such a major undertaking).  So please, take some time and peruse this page and consider what God has for us as a church.

Phase 1

The far less expensive and intrusive portion of the project. Our plan is to turn what was formerly the original church sanctuary and what is currently the church library, coffee bar, and photocopy room into a multipurpose sanctuary perfect for groups of 100 people or less. On Sundays it will be used to house our Kids Kraze (Kids Church) ministry. Because of it's location (directly above kids classrooms with a private stairwell down to the classrooms, with direct access to kids only bathrooms downstairs) it is the perfect place for kids to grow in their relationship with God while ensuring our kids are safe and we are "Plan to Protect" compliant as a church. Mid week it will be used for the worship services of our Junior and Senior high youth group as well as other prayer/worship gatherings and small groups. There will be a small coffee bar like island, enabling the room to continue to be used for virtually all of the functions it has been in the immediate past while also allowing it to be a proper gathering place for larger groups wanting to worship together. On top of all this we will be building an expanded "sign in" area for students and kids. What was a private bathroom in the lead pastors office will be made into an accessible bathroom for everyone on Sunday's, and the private library in the lead pastors office will be turned into the new church photocopy room. For a visual understanding of Phase 1 please watch the video above. We anticipate this portion of the project getting underway within the next 6 months. We included our estimated costs for this phase of the reno vision in our 2016 budget.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the major part of our reno vision. It includes an overhaul of the church foyer, including the addition of a coffee bar, coat room, as well as general lighting, paint colour, and flooring changes. Our goal is to see this portion of our building become a gathering point for fellowship both before and after service. It also includes the development of the currently unused property that sits between the old and new sanctuary/foyer. This space would be developed into offices as well as a mid week entrance for the building. Our plan would also include the addition of a proper slanted roof over what is currently the flat portion of our roof that has contributed to leaking problems in the past. To get a more complete understanding of Phase 2 watch the video above and check out the pictures below.