One of our core values at Avonhurst is "Genuine, Jesus-centered community". We believe that church is more than a place to go on a Sunday morning, it's a community and family to belong to. Below is a list of active small groups that meet throughout the week. Be aware that most groups don't run 52 weeks a year, you can contact Pastor Brad for more information.

Life Group Information:

Carol and Dennis McLean

  • When: Thursday Nights @ 7pm
  • Where: 438N Fairway Road

Nathan and Melanie Cressman

  • When: Sunday Nights @6pm
  • Where: 170 Hanley Cr Stone Pointe

Lorne Lang

  • When: Thursday Nights @7pm
  • Where: #47 - 320 Sangster Blvd

Marg Gold (Ladies Inspirational Fellowship)

  • When: Every other Wednesday Afternoon at @1:30pm
  • Where: 3200 Avonhurst Dr