Community. Love. Identity.

Welcome to Collective Young Adults. As a group we identify with the power of Jesus Christ and the good news of hope that He brings. We believe that Jesus has called us to share the gospel and build a strong community. We want our Collective to be honest and full of love so that we can help people identify as part of God’s family. Come and join our family as we journey together through worship, scripture, discussion, and fun events.

ONE group. Three nights a month.

Three ways to connect.


Worship night

A night where Collective Young Adults invites the whole church to come and worship for an evening. We sing songs to glorify God and do a short devotion with Pastor Jordan throughout the evening.

Worship (1).jpg

Chapel Night

A night where we have discussion and a bible study setting. Sometimes there is some worship but this is a night we continue our series and discuss the bible and issues. A highly interactive night.

Worship (2).jpg

Community Night

A night where we get together and have fun. This will typically be an event either at the church or somewhere in Regina. A great night to build relationships.